Sunday, March 21, 2010

One more piece of gadgetry to plug into the never ends

So I have a Wii .. one of those new fitness thingys that I need someone to plug into the tv and then sort out all the plugs, cords and buttons etc not to mention yet another remote control device oh wait no its called a "Wii remote" ..with the help of my sister - who I might add is one of those women that makes me sick with her complete knowledge of all things gadgety. Give her a cord and she totally knows where to stick it or umm plug it so to speak ... anyway I digress ... Lets call her Ms T ..Ms T sorts out the Wii and shows me how to set up my "She Wii" well her version of shows me is that she is in complete control of the "Wii remote" lol ... so we put all the information in and right before my eyes the she wii grows! Did you see that I say to Ms T who by the way is right now laughing her little head off at the expression on my face at the sheer audacity of the growing figure that is supposed to be my "Wii person".
My Wii fit age is great I say. This can't be all that bad ..thats before the BMI so rudely shows up on the screen ..Thank god there is a password on this thing ...!!!

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