Friday, October 28, 2011


lol i dont usually 'do' halloween buuuuut this was just tooo cute .....

Saturday, October 22, 2011

... a sad goodbye

well its been 4 weeks now and as i look out over a now growing patch of grass i can talk about it without the tears flowing on cue.... 4 weeks ago we said a very sad goodbye to a very much loved member of our family and pets are just that members of families.
for anyone who has pets you know exactly what i mean...
katie, aka... katie-cat, pud, puddy, pudding, and countless others!! whats with calling ur pets heaps of  variations of their  "pet name" or different ones  altogether!
katie was nearly 20 she will have been 20 in february.. almost deaf but managing well until two weeks ago she started going blind... now deaf on a property is one thing but going blind is quite the other thing altogether... she was getting quite distressed (not being able to find her way around) and that was inside let alone outside ... so a trip to the vet to confirm and ask the best possible outcome was that the following day she was to be taken back ..i of course chickened out and poor david had to take her back in whilst i drove to brisbane for the school holidays bawling almost the whole way......katie will always be the pet we loved the most and wont be replaced for a while yet .... <3