Monday, May 13, 2013

wardrobe malfunction...

is it perfectly acceptable to keep wearing a bra that has had a wardrobe malfunction of its very own .. one of the wires shit itself so It's gone .. leaving one in aaaaand one out... It's my favourite..well one of my favourites..the same style just different colours .. very feminine bit of bling and a bow! yes a bow!
do u still wear items of clothing which have had their own malfunctions?....

Saturday, August 18, 2012


change is a good thing!! .. im always told that and read it on inspiring, spiritual, or just plain random sites and signs every day!

i hate brings getting lost when you aren't born with the direction gene lol .. i get lost when driving all the time and hate it .. i feel the growing anxiety the more i lose my way....
This is what change is like for me....the unknowing, the uncertainty, the absolute dread of not knowing whats next ... so ive usually not strayed too far from my comfort zone..

well!! did that all come apart 8 months ago .. .holy EIGHT months omggg... thats gone so fast in some ways and sooo slowly in others!!
eight months ago i completely made my life go off the richter scale!! ... i moved! i moved from my nothing ever happens and was safe lifestyle in the bush, back to the city! 600klm away.. away from friends and the one and only job that i loved and had for 18yrs... *blink* i left a very special female friend, one of those people who come into your life knowing youve known them before and over such a short amount of time click into a wonderful friendship.. thats been the hardest of the whole move....(if i could have moved without leaving i would have chosen that option..) of course ive left other very close friends ive made at the kindy .. some i have contact with.. thank god!!! via facebook and blogs - i hope i will never lose that contact of those women friends.

there is a positive side to change that im in it lol i see it ... ive met some new friends of these lovely ladies is a chicky ive "known" for years on a scrapbooking forum .. it closed but thankfully we became facebook friends... i finally met her when i moved to brisbane and again . im sure weve know each other before ....... its an affinity that you dont have will the usual run of the mill people you meet...

        most people would have no clue of my former life in the bush ... most people i met through kindy or my kids had no idea that my marriage - the union that is supposed to protect above all else..failed me in so many ways that i had hoped when first together you wish for that wonderful union that carries you through the darkness.... it shouldnt create that darkness..... it did, the darkness was so great that i embarked on this journey of change ....

the other saying you hear quite often is "you never know whats around the corner" and "good things happen when you least expect it"... <------- this i can verify :-D... when u absolutely least expect it!!!

during this journey of change,  ive found the person who envelopes me  in the light, and draws the darkness away .. im sure ive known him before .. :o)

Monday, April 9, 2012


well its taken 4 months but i think i finally am feeling human again!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


let me just say ... i dont move well..hate it in fact .. i dont deal with change very well at all either...sooo having said that ...ive moved! 600k away from my homeand the small community  that ive been in for 26yrs .. back to my original home .. brisbane!! .. im dealing with several things atm ... no job OMFG my job of 18yrs that i absolutely loved..that was soooooo hard to leave really really hard to sign in my key and shut the door one last time *tear*... ive moved back in with mum ..that in itself i need my head totally read! .. so the new goals are .. get a job .. im not sure what i want to do tho after 18yrs in early childhood... bunnings?? garden centre sounds good who doesnt love bunnings ... then i need to find myself after having been lost for years .. who tf am i .. seriously really who am i... lots of soul searching is to be done i would imagine.
i went to the shops today and i must admit ... barring all the people *ack* the shops omg the shops!!.. i fit here i fit amongst the hussle and bussle of shops that sell ..well everything!! seriously everything LOL... im keen for the beach tho ... so in a little bit i will be changing my "surfing on acid" ditching the jager for something a little more me .. more beachy! ... we will see........ <3

Friday, October 28, 2011


lol i dont usually 'do' halloween buuuuut this was just tooo cute .....

Saturday, October 22, 2011

... a sad goodbye

well its been 4 weeks now and as i look out over a now growing patch of grass i can talk about it without the tears flowing on cue.... 4 weeks ago we said a very sad goodbye to a very much loved member of our family and pets are just that members of families.
for anyone who has pets you know exactly what i mean...
katie, aka... katie-cat, pud, puddy, pudding, and countless others!! whats with calling ur pets heaps of  variations of their  "pet name" or different ones  altogether!
katie was nearly 20 she will have been 20 in february.. almost deaf but managing well until two weeks ago she started going blind... now deaf on a property is one thing but going blind is quite the other thing altogether... she was getting quite distressed (not being able to find her way around) and that was inside let alone outside ... so a trip to the vet to confirm and ask the best possible outcome was that the following day she was to be taken back ..i of course chickened out and poor david had to take her back in whilst i drove to brisbane for the school holidays bawling almost the whole way......katie will always be the pet we loved the most and wont be replaced for a while yet .... <3

Thursday, September 22, 2011