Tuesday, December 20, 2011


let me just say ... i dont move well..hate it in fact .. i dont deal with change very well at all either...sooo having said that ...ive moved! 600k away from my homeand the small community  that ive been in for 26yrs .. back to my original home .. brisbane!! .. im dealing with several things atm ... no job OMFG my job of 18yrs that i absolutely loved..that was soooooo hard to leave really really hard to sign in my key and shut the door one last time *tear*... ive moved back in with mum ..that in itself i need my head totally read! .. so the new goals are .. get a job .. im not sure what i want to do tho after 18yrs in early childhood... bunnings?? garden centre sounds good who doesnt love bunnings ... then i need to find myself after having been lost for years .. who tf am i .. seriously really who am i... lots of soul searching is to be done i would imagine.
i went to the shops today and i must admit ... barring all the people *ack* the shops omg the shops!!.. i fit here i fit amongst the hussle and bussle of shops that sell ..well everything!! seriously everything LOL... im keen for the beach tho ... so in a little bit i will be changing my "surfing on acid" ditching the jager for something a little more me .. more beachy! ... we will see........ <3

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