Saturday, August 20, 2011


*needs a new background*........... and change of name ...

wish i could also figure out how to "reblog" etc the link thingy doesn't appear to work well ... :s


  1. Hi Aileen
    somehow I have missed quite a few of your posts!! Love your tags - I make tags too and sell them at the local markets. For blog help take a look at Mel's blog all about 'how to' - She lives in the UK, is an Aussie and also has another blog - her if you have any questions. Her sister lives a half an hour from me and has a shop on her farm - very inspiring and way too much is on my wish list let alone what I have already bought!!!If you want to take a look this is - all is good with you. Take care.
    Rebecca xo

  2. oh hey!! how have you been?? omg i love the white shed :s ... thanks for the info - this whole blogging thing boggles my mind .. the girls have tumblr and want me to get one of those but seriously between fb and this one .. oh and kindy LOL who has the time ;o)
    toodles .. Aileen xx